Panzarotti are deep fried pizza pockets filled with sauce and oozy, stretchy, melted, mozzarella cheese. My mother-in-law makes these at each family gathering and I kid you not, they disappear within seconds! My nephews usually pile up about 4 or 5 on their plates and make their nonna really proud! They don’t even have time to cool down before everybody snatches them from the middle of the table!

They are really simple to make and offer a different spin on the usual pizza night and will impress your guests and especially the little ones.

Use the basic Pizza Dough recipe as your base. Roll out the dough like you would for small pizzas, keeping it thin, and fill the middle with a tablespoon of passata sauce and some mozzarella cheese. Fold over the dough and seal the edges with a little water and pressing down until the sides are sealed.

Make sure the oil is hot (about 170 degrees Celcius) and fry each pocket until golden brown all over. You could use other fillings, but only things that can cook quickly (eg. thinly sliced ham, different cheeses, thinly sliced mushrooms, a basil leaf etc.) since it doesn’t take long to fry these. You really don’t want a raw filling as it will ruin your experience.

As usual, keeping it simple is best. Serve them hot and fresh! Enjoy.