About Us
Welcome to our blog!

We have been married for 10 years and have a baby boy. We both have an Italian heritage. My hubby has a Sicilian background and I have a Roman/Neapolitan background. Our passions include good food, photography, technology, travelling and cake decorating.

We decided to write this blog as it really encapsulates all the things we love. After a long week of work and looking after a very energetic baby, this is our meeting place; our creative outlet and melting pot of ideas and passions. We plan what special dishes we can cook, I cook and style the dishes, Maurice takes the photos of the food, we sit down and eat, loving every bite and talking about our dreams. We then upload our ideas into this blog for you to enjoy.

We welcome you to our blog and into a part of our family life. Hope you enjoy the journey as much as we do. Let us know what’s cooking in your kitchen and if you have tried any of our recipes. Feel free to leave comments or to contact us.

Cheers to good food and family love!